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The Pulse…A lesson for all Christians

We grieve again… The massacre in Orlando this past Sunday brought pain to so many – family, friends and to many of us. There is intense suffering and grief in so many hearts. It hurts deeply that so many lost

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Keeping It Together When the World Is Falling Apart

(A message shared with the congregation of Taft Street Baptist Church this past weekend, pastored by Albert Gerena, based on the book of Habakkuk…) 2015 has been a really tough year for me…health, family, work, ministry, the world…it has been tough! 

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Commitment, 33 years and counting

Today is my wedding anniversary…33 years and counting. I can say the “secret” is something called commitment. Commitment to: • The love I said I had – I have to continue to find it, express it and show it •

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Blog On…

I’ve been procrastinating…and it stops now! Committing to continue blogging as material is gathered from different sources: – everyday lessons learned – Thursday Morning B.R.E.W (Best Roofing Encouragement Weekly) topics covered during my time at that company – messages or

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GPS (God’s Patient Sovereignty) – An understanding of the book of Job

Growing up in church, I always heard about the patience of Job.  Every time this Bible character or book that bears his name was mentioned, it was tied to enduring and steadfast patience through trials and tribulations.  Sometimes, the behind the

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Remembering 9/11

We remember September 11, 2001. It is etched in my mind like few things will ever be. This Sunday we will observe the 10th anniversary of this horrific event. As we do, I search for hope out of horror by

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Hello world!

I am now a part of the blogging world! As a friendly friend in Facebook, a clicking twit in Twitter, a linked one in LinkedIn and a registered owner of a web address, I have traveled the road of the 21st century connection highway.  But

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